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Homo Sapiens - a Liberal’s Perspective

by John Green

Thu 24th Apr 2014
John Green reviews Homo Sapiens - a Liberal’s Perspective by Ron Newby... [read more]

Capitalism and crisis

by Nelson Wan

Thu 24th Apr 2014
Nelson Wan provides an overview of Marx's explanation for why capitalism goes into crisis, discussing the inherent contradictions within the capitalism system... [read more]

EDITORIAL: Why drone assassinations just don't work

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Sun 4th Nov 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in our editorial column... [read more]

The Death Of Blair Peach: Remembering A Day Of Infamy

by Lindsey German

Wed 23rd Apr 2014
Blair Peach was killed 35 years ago today. Lindsey German, who knew him as a radical young teacher, looks back at the day in Southall when anti-fascists bore the brunt of police brutality... [read more]

Pakistan’s shame: Missing persons at epidemic proportions, campaigners call for urgent action

by Carol Anne Grayson

Wed 23rd Apr 2014
Carol Grayson highlights the campaign against enforced disappearances in Pakistan... [read more]

EDITORIAL: This is free Europe, never again!

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Sat 16th Jun 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in the latest editorial... [read more]

Banks: Fudged health report

by Eric Toussaint

Wed 23rd Apr 2014
The final part of the series by Eric Toussaint - Banks versus the People: the Underside of a Rigged Game!... [read more]

An Oslo Criminal

by Uri Avnery

Mon 21st Apr 2014
The death of Ron Pundak, one of the original Israeli architects of the 1993 Oslo agreement, brought that historic event back into the public eye.... [read more]

EDITORIAL: Murdoch, Mensch and a new England Manager

by Emmeline Ravilious

Wed 9th May 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in the latest editorial... [read more]

Imperialist war crimes against the people of Syria piling up

by Taylor Goel

Sat 19th Apr 2014
Demonstrators denounce mercenary attack on Kassab in Syria... [read more]

The myths about Marxism

by Marxist Student Federation

Sat 19th Apr 2014
The past two decades have witnessed a barrage of propaganda against Marxism and its revolutionary heritage from the mainstream media... [read more]

Farage's demagoguery obscures UKIP's reactionary nature

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Wed 16th Apr 2014
Dr Tomasz Pierscionek discusses how UKIP seek to plug an electoral void that ought to be filled by a Labour Party offering a socialist programme... [read more]

Why Not Create A Scottish Pound and Adopt Investment Credit Economics to Scotland’s Benefit?

by George Tait Edwards

Tue 15th Apr 2014
On 21 February I sent an email to the Government of Scotland, suggesting it would be an immense advantage to the “Yes” campaign for Scottish independence if the Scots adopted a policy of having their own currency when independent... [read more]

Tony Blair, George W. Bush and David Cameron: Hijacking God?

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Sun 13th Apr 2014
There must be something in the water at Number 10 Downing Street, writes Felicity Arbuthnot... [read more]

Twelve Years a Slave, Sixty Six Years a Living Dead

by Faysal Mikdadi

Sun 13th Apr 2014
Dr Faysal Mikdadi dreams of his lost love - Palestine... [read more]

In One Word: Poof!

by Uri Avnery

Sat 12th Apr 2014
Poor John Kerry. This week he emitted a sound that was more expressive than pages of diplomatic babble.... [read more]

Censorship double standards: State terrorism websites vs insurgent websites

by Carol Anne Grayson

Fri 11th Apr 2014
Carol Grayson asks whether the CIA website should be banned as the organisation is implicated in torture and promotes violence... [read more]

“If Stones Could Weep”: Syria, Blair’s Plans and an Archbishop’s Son

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Wed 9th Apr 2014
Not only is Middle East “Peace Envoy”, Catholic convert and Butcher of Baghdad, Tony Blair gunning for mass destruction in Syria, he has recruited the son of an Archbishop to help him... [read more]

The Peoples Assembly - Flexing Our Muscles

by Thabo Miller

Wed 9th Apr 2014
Dr Thabo Miller encourages the People's Assembly to adopt an electoral strategy... [read more]

Who Owns the Future?

by Bryan Gould

Tue 8th Apr 2014
Bryan Gould states there is no novelty in arguing, as George Osborne does, that there is no alternative to his destructive and divisive policies of austerity... [read more]

The Monster on the Hill

by Uri Avnery

Sun 6th Apr 2014
There is nothing better than a scandal every week. A juicy scandal excites people, engages the media, takes our minds off matters like war and peace, occupation and apartheid... [read more]

Ukraine and Crimea - an Illegal Putsch and a Democratic Referendum

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Sun 6th Apr 2014
Felicity Arbuthnot discusses the outcome of the Crimean referendum in view of rampant propaganda being hysterically stirred from Washington and Whitehall... [read more]

Lenin on the Paris Commune (1871): An Heroic Uprising

by Thomas Riggins

Fri 4th Apr 2014
Thomas Riggins discusses Lenin's take on the Paris Commune... [read more]

80 years of inhumanity, and counting....‏

by Felix McHugh

Fri 4th Apr 2014
More reports of callousness and chaos from the world of social security appeals as revealed by welfare rights officer, Felix McHugh... [read more]