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About London Progressive Journal

London Progressive Journal (LPJ) is an online current affairs journal that covers news from a non-sectarian left wing perspective. In response to an increasingly stale mainstream media, LPJ aims to provide an intelligent, critical and accessible discourse on the key issues facing Britain and the world today, providing an outlet for established as well as budding journalists to publish articles that tackle national and international issues in an intellectually stimulating way.

LPJ is not affiliated with any political party or lobby group and therefore has no constraints over what it can publish. As such the range of opinion contained within the pages of the journal is relatively diverse- some of our contributors are Labour supporters of a social democratic or liberal political persuasion, while others are avowed Marxists. The journal is run entirely by dedicated volunteers.

The Journal was launched in January 2008 by journalist and author Nathaniel Mehr. Since its inception it has featured interviews with a number of prominent activists and political figures, including Howard Zinn, Mordechai Vanunu, John Pilger, Ilan Pappe and John McDonnell MP.

LPJ continues to grow and attract new readers and contributors.

Editorial Panel:

  • Dr. Tomasz Pierscionek
  • Emmeline Ravilious


  • Theo Graham-Brown (Design/Programming/Webmaster)


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